Our Team


Praiwan is the founder and manager of the Khao Sok Jungle resort.

His name means “beautifull jungle” and perfectly fits this true jungle lover.

He became guide a bit by chance... First was paddleling canoes for the tourists of the very first local resort of Khao Sok and learnt English that way. Then he could share his passion of the jungle with the tourists coming until here. He became one of the very first jungle guides of Khao Sok and claims the founding the “night safari” tour...

He built the Khao Sok Jungle Resort to be able to welcome the tourists to Khao Sok and go on introducing them to his beloved jungle.

His wife Ying is nearby him for this challenge, cooking and housekeeping the bungalows. She didn’t have the opportunity to learn English and is a bit shy... She loves children and there are always a couple of them around her, nephews or neighbourgs. Their 2 boys are studying, you probably won’t meet them.

Praiwan is also the leader of the guides team of Eco Voyage, one of the very best guides team of Khao Sok :

Dam is as experimented as Praiwan. He is a passionate and passionating jungle guide, expert in wildlife tours and adventurous trips.

Noom is an ex military and ex race champion. He is full of energy and great guide for adventurous trips.

To is the French speaking guide of the team. After 9 years spent in France he is more than happy to introduce you to any aspect of our jungle.

Joy is an experienced lake and jungle guide. His nickname perfectly fits his communicative joy of life. He is a true mum to all his guests, taking great care and sharing his knowledge with passion.

Eaat is a very experienced guide as well. He is a great lake guide providing high quality services.

Tham is the best jungle guide assistant for jungle camping. He cannot speak english but still always manage to communicate with the groups he follows and is a great jungle cook!